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It’s that time of the year again. Everything is rushed and everyone is preparing to go on holiday.

If you are taking a trip these holidays, make sure that your car is checked and safe for traveling, especially if you are taking a long drive.

Don’t gamble with your family’s lives. Our professional team will do your 40 point safety check within 2-3 hours. Get peace of mind for the coming holidays now by booking your 40 point holiday car safety check.

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40 Point holiday car safety check service:

  1. Lubrication service
  2. Change engine oil
  3. Change oil filter
  4. Clean air filter
  5. Clean battery terminals
  6. Top up fluid levels
  7. Adjust fan belt
  8. Top up gearbox and diff
  9. Compression test and report if necessary
  10. Clean spark plugs

11. Set carburetor
12. Set timing
13. Set tappets
14. Test radiator core
15. Check hydraulic system
16. Check brakes
17. Check battery
18. Check all lights
19. check shock absorbers
20. Check all tyres

21. Check clutch operation
22. Check exhaust system
23. Check radiator hoses
24. Check power steering
25. Check windscreen wipers
26. Check brake connection
27. Check u-joint
28. Check CV joints and boots
29. Check window operations
30. Check door mechanism

31. Check wheel bearing
32. Check safety belts
33. Check exhaust system
34. Pressure test – cooling system
35. Check air conditioning
36. Check suspension bushes
37. Check steering joints
38. Check alternator charge system
39.  Snapon diagnostic test
40. Road test & report


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